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A few notes about the homeopathic pharmacy before you visit us there.

Once on the homeopathic pharmacy website you will find literally hundreds of remedies and cures for nearly every disease - from coughs and colds to remedies for more serious complaints like stroke, the liver and heart disease.  There is a section containing self help remedies - over 1700 different items, so you should be able to scroll through the menu's and find what you are looking for.

When it comes to payment we use what we consider to be one of the safest and easiest shopping carts on the internet.

We use PayPal as our preferred method of payment.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to make your payment. PayPal are one of the biggest and most trusted payment processors on the internet today.
You can make a payment using any of the Debit or Credit Cards shown, or if you do happen to have a PayPal account you can use that to make your payment.

Just follow the on screen instructions and you will be able to make a payment with a few easy clicks.

Using this method of payment means that no details of your credit card or the transaction details are recorded on our computers.  We are informed by PayPal only when a payment has been made to our account but NO DETAILS of the transaction are sent over the internet to us by PayPal.

This ensures that you can feel safe in the knowledge that no details can ever be misused / passed to a third party / or subject you to any sort of credit card fraud.
We use this method to give all our customers peace of mind.

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