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Homeopathy and the Kidneys  

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By Dr. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti, HD.


Homeopathy and the Kidneys                      Part 1 of 2

A new 2 part series on the kidneys and some commonly associated disorders with their subsequent Homeopathic medicines.

How Our Kidneys Work

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs (about the size of an average fist). The kidneys are located just below the rib cage - in the middle of your back. The kidneys received about 20% of the blood pumped by our hearts.

This blood supply allows our kidneys to:

•  Regulate the composition of our blood.

•  Keep concentrations of various ions and other important substance constant.

•  Keep the volume of water in our bodies constant.

•  Remove wastes from our body (urea, ammonia, drugs, toxicity).

•  Keep the acid/base concentration of our blood constant.

•  Help regulate blood pressure and maintain calcium levels in our body.

•  Many other complex functions.

You can thus see straight away that the kidneys are NOT just two organs that are part of the waster removal process, but rather they are complex organs that have a fine synergistic harmony to almost all other organs, specifically the heart, liver and the mind.


Kidney Fact - The kidneys influence blood pressure by causing the arteries and veins to constrict and by increasing the circulating blood volume.

Kidney Fact - Kidney stones are often caused by problems in the kidney's ability to handle calcium. In addition, the kidney's role in maintaining calcium is important in the bone disease osteoporosis that afflicts many elderly people, especially women.


Diagram of a Kidney

Homeopathic Kidney Medicines

•  Berberis Vulgaris

•  Solidago Virgaurea

•  Cantharis Vesicatoria

•  Chimaphila Umbellata

•  Equisetum Hyemale

•  Hydrangea Arbor

•  Lycopodium Clavatum

•  Nux Vomica

•  Sulphur

•  Terebinthi

There are many more Homeopathic kidney medicines, but I believe the above will give our readers a good insight into these medicines as starting blocks.

Berberis Vulgaris (The Kidney Tonic)

Berberis Vulgaris is an exceptionally powerful kidney tonic and the chief kidney medicine in Homeopathy. It is used predominantly in MT form as it works much faster than when used in potency. Generally, when used in potency, Berberis is used in 6c, 30c or 200c potencies.

Berberis is not only specific to the kidneys, but also helps many problems associated with the bladder, including weak sphincter muscles, bladder infections and pains in the urethra. It is also very beneficial for heart patients (please refer to my previous article on the heart) and for diabetics, as it tones up the kidneys.

Berberis is exceptionally effective at treating kidney stone colic as well as colic associated with gallstones. Remember, in last months article we covered the fact that one of the kidneys function is to maintain calcium levels in the body. Thus the kidneys need to be balanced effectively to eliminate as much as possible the chances of developing kidney stones or calcium/bones problems. This is the Homeopathic view, not the medical view.

Photograph of Berberis Vulgaris.

Berberis can be used for many conditions and includes the following: haematuria, kidney stones, kidney dysfunction, kidney colic, kidney and/or bladder infection, kidney pains that radiate into the back or shoot into the bladder, bubbling sensation in the kidneys, general discomfort or sensitiveness in the region of the kidneys, renal calculi, urine infections in general.

As you can see, Berberis Vulgaris has far reaching effects and has proven itself time and again for such complaints. In females specifically, Berberis is effective in dysmenorrhea with associated back pains.

The readers are advised to read up further on this Homeopathic medicine as it is well worth keeping in any home.

Solidago Virgaurea (Nephritis)

Solidago is not used enough in Homeopathy for whatever reasons. But it is another powerful medicine that can alleviate general kidney pain due to overburden, chronic nephritis (inflammation of one or both kidneys) and bright's disease (usually diagnosed by your consultant).

Photograph of Solidago Virgaurea.

Solidago is best used in MT form or low potency, such as 6x or 6c. Using low potencies will alleviate any aggravations. It is my own experience that Berberis Vulgaris and Solidago MAY be combined in tincture form to produce a stronger desired effect against any kidney condition.

The kidneys have a very important role within our body, and it is a must to keep them in tip top health so as to enable their correct functioning. The use of the above mentioned medicines in MT form every so often, for example 7 drops in water twice daily for 3 days a month, can make a huge difference in maintaining their operational effectiveness.

Author's Resource: Article by Dr Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
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Homeopathy and the Kidneys (Part 2)

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