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Bio-M Complex

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Bio-M Complex
After research in this area, Atiq has been able to formulate Bio-M Complex into a Homeopathic product that allows not only cellular health, but also balances the Chakras, (the seven main chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head) as well as opens the vibration channels that we are all receptive to.  As a result, Bio-M Complex is now available to everybody, with the aim that it forms a powerful healing platform for every individual, from infant to child to adult. Bio-M Complex is a complex that provides harmony on an individualistic level.

  • Promotes Healthy Cells
  • Builds the Immune System
  • Eliminate Toxins - Bacteria and Viruses
  • 100% Safe for the whole family, newborns; during pregnancy; the aged.
  • Reduces Diseases and Infections

Bio-M Complex is prepared (by hand) and is unique in its composition and its purity.  It has been formulated through the use of a varying degree of laws of natural medicine, thus allowing it to be purer by energising the core of its therapeutic properties or value.  As soon as a tablet is dissolved on the tongue, each and every cell becomes a recipient of its properties, providing health, removing dis-ease, and restoring and maintaining overall health.

It is recommended that Bio-M Complex is taken for a month, then you allow the body to take advantage of the efficacy of the complex for a further two weeks before starting the cycle again.

Remember, just as in the world of computers, if we get a virus in our computer we use anti virus software to eradicate and remove the virus, thus restoring the functional integrity of the computer to carry on. Bio-M Complex does the same for our cells - each and every single one of them.  It removes danger, viruses and dis-ease that may have penetrated the core of the cells, thus allowing their health to be kept at an optimum level in a world full of toxicity, viruses, bacterial and fungal infections, suppression by antibiotics and damage caused by living habits.

Bio-M Complex is a product that everyone can take for the basic health need - keeping the cells that make who we are, healthy and alive with energy.

Remember you only need to take Bio-M Complex for 30 days and then stop for 14 days to allow your body to assimilate the goodness.

You can learn more about the Bio-M Complex by reading this article

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