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What is Organo Therapy?

Organo-Therapy ( more often written as organotherapy ) is an up and emerging branch of Homeopathy that utilises the use of organ remedies, made from the health tissues of animals, to treat the patient, working on the basic principles of Homeopathy, i.e. like cures like.

Organo-Therapy is based on the idea and understanding that organs respond to those tissues that have an affinity for the same tissues in the human body, no matter what species their origin. The theory has been demonstrated experimentally as well and is a system used by many Homeopathic Doctors around the world, especially in Australia .

In Organo-Therapy, the understanding is that every living organ is capable of recognizing its own signature and responding.

This is what is called tissue memory, and it stimulates the exact reproduction of the cells of the tissue in a diseased state.

The Response of Organs to the Remedies

The response of a malfunctioning or disease organ to an Organo-Therapy remedy is that the function of the organ or tissue concerned is supported in its healing, regulation and balance.

Another possible way forward is the understanding that Organo-Therapy remedies can also act as if to replace an organ which was removed partially or totally with surgery.

This is a very valid point of view when considering that those women who have undergone an hysterectomy will still feel and develop the symptoms of the menopause, even though the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes have been removed.

Organo-Therapy remedies may also be used to facilitate drainage in order to restore function to organs that are affected by progressing disease. This will be especially important for the kidneys and liver.

Potencies General Remedies

The potency of Organo-Therapy remedies determines their affect on their target organs and tissues. This principle is the same with Homeopathic remedies, but in Organo-Therapy, the potencies scale used is low, or at the physical level.

The remedies are made by successive dilution and succussion just as in Homeopathy when making remedies from plant and mineral sources. Each round of diluting and succussing increases the potency by one degree. A remedy made by four rounds of dilution and succussion is given the label of 4, so to make a 200, the remedy must go through 200 rounds of dilution and succussion.

In Organo-Therapy, 4 potency levels are used as follows:

•  Potency 4c of an organ remedy is used to stimulate organ function

•  Potency 7c of an organ remedy is used to regulate the function of the organ or tissue

•  Potency 9c of an organ remedy - will suppress the function targeted

•  Potency of 200k is optimal for regulating organ function

Potencies Hormonal Remedies

For the treatment of hormonal issues, the system of potency is changed as follows:

•  Potency of 9c (and lower) is used to stimulate a hormone action

•  Potency 12c is used to regulate hormone action

•  Potency 15c and above are used to suppress hormonal function

Female hormone remedies in Organo-Therapy are used in the rhythm of the females menstrual cycle to either reinforce the orderly production and triggering of hormonal responses, or inhibit an excessive production.

Immune Tolerance - Restoration

Dr. Max Tetau, a well known researcher of Organo Therapy states on how Organo-Therapy remedies allow immune tolerance in an auto-immune condition by saying that in low potency, this system instigates an overwhelming antigen reaction to it, i.e. auto-immune condition, depleting the auto-immune response and leaving the organ itself free to restore function.

He further states that in cases where there are damaged tissues due to auto-immune reactions, Organo-Therapy substitutes for the organ and accepts the auto-immune antibodies, leaving the organ to stimulate its own restoration.

The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical opinion. It is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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